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The CVM® certification is a two-day formal certification program on the customer value modeling methodology using the Economic Value Estimation® process. During this program, participants will learn:

    • To identify true product and service differentiators.
    • To select the right value drivers for a customer value model.
    • To measure and quantify critical value drivers for a product or service.
    • To build customer value models that are real-life and ready to use.
    • To set product and service prices based on customer value modeling.
    • To design value messages aligned with customer perceived benefits.

The training will combine the latest theoretical science on value-based strategies, value-based pricing, and customer value modeling including two or more practical value modeling exercises. Participants across various functions work in group on real life products or services to build a proprietary value models.

Because what is not measured cannot be captured. Customer value modeling is an important step in the value management process which includes value creation, value measurement, and value capture. The CVM® certification program reviews the entire value management process and focuses on the measurement of differential customer value. Here is why mastering customer value modeling is critical:

    • Are you able to measure your differentiation and competitive advantage?
    • Are you able to communicate the total $ value you deliver to your customers?
    • Are you guessing your differentiation value during your price setting process? 
    • Do you feel you are leaving money on the table with your products or services?
    • Are your marketers, sellers, innovators aligned on concepts of differentiation and value?
    • Is your Salesforce armed with the right value tools to respond to price objections?

Certification Benefits
A unique and formal designation
STrong team alignment on critical strategic and value concepts
Increase in adoption and proficiency of value-based pricing
Copy of an eBook on customer value modeling
License to a proprietary suite of Excel value tools

The CVM® is a formal certification program for:

    • Marketing Managers, Industry Managers, Market Segment Managers
    • Product Managers, Category Managers, Portfolio Managers
    • Pricing Analysts, Pricing Managers, Revenue Managers, and Value Managers
    • Innovation Managers, Technology Managers, R&D Managers
    • Account Manager, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers
    • Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, VC and PE Managers


This two-day certification program includes in-class training as well as several practical exercises including group customer value modeling exercises. To obtain the CVM® certification, participants have to successfully build two customer value models (one generic model and one real product or service value model) during the session. Finally, participants have to take a multi-choice test at the end of the session and obtain a minimum 75% score to pass and achieve CVM® certification.

CVM® certification sessions are available for corporations that are interested in certifying marketers, pricers, sellers, and innovators in the science of customer value modeling. Minimum workshop size is 20 participants at a single location for optimal multi-functional group interaction. Upfront preparation is required prior to event.

The CVM® certification program is endorsed and approved by LeveragePoint Innovation.

For more information about CVM® and upcoming sessions, please contact Stephan Liozu, Ph.D. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +1 484-347-1458.